Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Caesar vs Britannia Turn 1

This is the first turn of the scenario with the rules in their current form.

Caesar and his forces (2 legions, 2 Auxilia, and 4 Skirmish infantry units) are aboard ship and disembark to amphibiously invade the southern coast. He decides to invade away from any village, as this could immediately mobilize and allow them to contest the invasion. He wins the invasion easily (being opposed only by some nominal defense units) and lands.

Casselivaneus is randomly determined to be in the center at village 4 after the invasion. He is too weak by himself to attack, but from his position he defends a large portion of the island from Caesar's landed force.
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Now, the weather takes a turn for the worst (Storm), damaging Caesar's fleet (he loses 1 ship counter) and forcing them back and into port. Isolated and alone, Caesar decides to advance to village 1 instead of taking on the force of Britons immediately to the North.

For the Britons, village 6 mobilizes (force B). Cassilivaneous rolls a bad AP roll (you need Action points to do things) and comes up with a "1". He wanted to consolidate Force A & B, but decides to make the best of it and move to a more central position to contest Caesar's advance when he moves East. Delay is the name of the game and the storm weather favors the Briton cause.

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The weather finally changes to clear for the next impulse and he brings his loaded, but depleted fleets out of port. He decides to forgo bringing cavalry over from Gaul and instead chooses a force he can use to invade (with a leader) or reinforce Caesar as neccesary.

With the clearing of the weather, Caesar burns Village 1 and decides to move East. Cassilivaneous reacts and a battle is fought.

The Romans win the ensuing battle with the damage to a Light unit and the loss of a Skirmish unit. The Britons lose 1 Warband and 2 Skirmish units.

Despite losing the battle, Cassilivaneous delays Caesar's advance and chooses to take up a better defensive position. The Britons should only get stronger in the coming turns as more villages mobilize.
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The Britons manage to merge the Northern force B with his main force A for his impulse. He checks for the end of the the turn for the month and it ends.
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As things stand for the month of the Qunitillis (as July hadn't been renamed yet for Caesar as of yet :D), Caesar is ashore and has burnt 1 village. He has weathered (pun intended) bad weather, fought a minor battle and put himself in a position to advance further into the island. His forces at sea can either invade elsewhere or be merged with Caesar to destroy Cassilivaneous' army.

Cassilivaneous has managed (with a little help from the weather Gods) to minimize the damage done, and amass a decent force to contest the next Roman advance.

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