Friday, May 4, 2012

Province Cards

I've created province cards for my modified Imperium Romanum campaign game (named DSR IR). These are snapshots of the game map, along with some of the important features of that province (if any).

Click to enlarge
I'll use these for each of the major powers to help them keep track of the money and total population(important for mobilizing units) they control. In addition, I can use the deck for random events.

Its all still a work in progress though :D


kilroy said...

The cards look great. What software are you using to make them?

dsrgamer said...

Thanks :)

I use Visio to make the sheet (and pretty much all my graphical stuff), print it out on full (8 1/2" x 11) sheet labels, cut them out, and stick them to some demo cards I picked up for free at a convention :D

I'm going to add Ports to the cards, as I need those to help handle how many fleets a player can handle. I've already modified the map to sea zones instead of hexes to make sea-stuff easier. I'll hopefully get a post of it up sometime this week.