Wednesday, July 18, 2012

DSR Veni Vidi Vici campaign map

I've completed the 1st pass of what I'm calling my "DSR Veni Vidi Vici" map (DSR V3 for short). It is over 120" wide and 40" long. It can be divided up into 3 maps of about 40" wide and 40" long.)

In this incarnation, it is geared toward major powers (Roman, Carthaginian, Parthian, Mauryan, and Han Chinese) fighting over the world. It is a campaign boardgame I can use to generate miniature battles (if desired). In that vein, I had to ahistorically add in some areas to make it playable (as well as adding "best guestimate" cities to those areas), while retaining the flavor areas of the map.

Here is a reduced size version of the whole thing:

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Here are some selected map cuts:
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I want to do some more work with India and add some parts to the Arabian Penninsula, as I'll need to "shoehorn" (pun intended) Axum (e.g. the Horn of Africa) and Southern India for completeness.

The beauty of this map is that I can re-draw the borders, assign the cities, change the terrain as I desire (albeit with a little elbow grease !) to fit any period I want to use as everything is consistent in size (about 40 miles per hex).

There's still more work to do.....

Saturday, July 7, 2012

And now for something (sort of) completely different....

I wanted to expand my DSR Imperium Romanum Map to include more of the world, but found I had to skew it badly, so I took the bull by the horns and redrew the whole thing from scratch !

In the end it wound up being over 130" wide (and 40.5" long).

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This allowed me to expand my game to include the Parthians, Mauryan Indian, and Han Chinese. As it is a consistent scale, I can create another map to include Axum and southern Arabia and southern India (or Africa, or the Americas or whatever).

With this map I can structure campaigns such as the conquests of Alexander the Great, the gyrations of the Warring States period or any other period that fits on the map.

The next step is to add in the cities (and population centers) and province borders (for conquest and control purposes). Then there's sea zones, crossing points, and some graphical changes (I'm not quite happy with the steppe and desert symbols). There's a LOT of work left to do.....