Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DSR Imperium Romanum Map

I think I've finally gotten a more finalized version of my Imperium Romanum map I'm happy with (for the moment :D) :
Click to enlarge

Its been reduced to 30% size so I can upload this up to my blog.

I've changed a number of the provinces (e.g. broken some of them up), added/removed a few cities and changed sea movement to sea-boxes (this greatly simplifies sea stuff).

These changes were done so that I can run my campaign game the way I think it should. With the addition of my province cards (and additional province properties).

I've of course created my own rules and counters, some of which I hope to post on this blog.

In addition, I hope to put together a mini-quasi historical game covering Caesar's campaigns in Gaul using my new rules and counters as well as a partial play-by play

As always, stay tuned ! :)


realpolitik said...

What program did you use to make the Imperium Romanum II map? It looks great.

dsrgamer said...

I use Visio.

I'm about to post a world map (Europe, Middle-east, Asia & Japan) map I drew because I wanted to expand upon the original.

Stay tuned- Got to get it uploaded (and shrunk- its 135" wide at its full size :D)