Friday, August 17, 2007

Schnellhefter Block ver 1

I've completed Schnellhefter Block (version 1). My next map is to the left of this one (Skulpturny Park- where the bulk of that park is located).

Let me know what you think !

For reference, this is a 40"x40" map with 1.5 inch hexes. The road grid had to be modified a little (Skulpturnaya street should be a straight line, but due to the angle and the hex grid had to be modified a little). The stairwells (for ASL) are at best a guess. I didn't detect any walls on any of my maps/photos, and the area was pretty much very open (24th Panzer Division fought there and had a good mix up with some remnants of Soviet armored units) and this was a launch point for the attack on the Red Barricades Factory).

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