Sunday, August 5, 2007

Northern Stalingrad- Schnellhefter Block Map

I've got the basic design down for the Schnellhefter Block in Stalingrad. Its at approx 40 meters a hex. Its standard size is 40" x 40" with 1.5" hexes.

I've got to put in Skulpturny Park (Towards the bottom left) and some brush-type areas, as well as finishing what the athletic field (the gray oval) is going to look like. I've also got to put some of slope hexsides (ala KGP HASL module) and the background coloring scheme and all the finishing touches (e.g. staircases, layers properly on top of one another etc.)

This area is just West of the Gun Factory (which is a little off the bottom of the map). It took a little "fudging" because of the hex grid, but I think I got it about right. Eventually I hope to have vast parts of Stalingrad mapped out on this scale.

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