Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rampage on the Rhine- Week 2

Week II dawns with clear weather. Time for the Romans to march onward !

The Romans, despite taking some losses, have defeated 2 tribes (the Usipattii and the Bructerii) and reduced the remaining Germans (Tencterii). Time to push on !
Week IIa
 The weak German army (A) manages to reaction move away from the approaching Romans, but instead of pursuing the weakened enemy, the Romans launch into the Ampisivarii territory to take them out !

Week IIb
  The German army, too weak to dispute the Ampisivarii village, fall back to defend the river line in the Chausuarii territory, hoping for some tribal mobilization to bring them up to strength so they can oppose the invaders when they inevitably come to deal with the Chasuarii.
Week IIc

The Ampisivarii are suppressed before they can mobilize, and the Romans move on to deal with the Chasuarii and Tencterii (which still have a village unrazed).

Week IId
German outrage finally results in the mobilizing of the Angrivarii (appropriately named). The Germans scramble to form a united front against the Roman Legion if it tries to burn the lone Chasuarii village.
No major battles this week as the 2 sides maneuver into position for next week, where the major battle(s) that decide the campaign will probably take place.

Week 2 VP Totals:
Roman:  3 + 4 = 7 VPs
German: 5 + 0 = 5 VPs.

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