Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Partially Geomorphic Squares (with hexgrid)

My 3" hexgrid terrain needed some work. In the past, I've used overlays for things like roads, streams, fields and hills in the past, but these can get fiddly, especially when you have roads AND fields AND hills AND streams on the same table. So I've created partial geomorphic squares for the basic underlying roads and streams. 
The Squares (reduced to 5% so I can uploaded them for viewing)
 Why squares ? Because they are easier for me to calculate and print on my plotter. They also allow for me to easily "add" tiles to any table edge (provided I have the space to do so, of course) if the battle goes beyond the edge (no more "Edge of the World" effect).
Why Partial geomorphs ? Because full geomorphs would require bigger tiles to give a good look to them. I'm limited with the available table size I can game on as well as my printing width. These squares at full size are about 22" by 22". These tiles can be placed either above or below or to either side, but cannot be turned 180 degrees.

You still have to match up the roads and streams, but overall they seem to look and work pretty well. A compromise, to be sure, but one I was willing to make for maximum utility versus printing ability.

Special tiles can be made that are 2x (or more) wide or high (as the 3 lower tiles demonstrate). These will allow the creation of more varied terrain that the smaller tiles will not.

The hexes each have a label ID, just as the board has an ID. So hidden stuff can be noted down (e.g. B1-0101 would be hex 0101 of tile B1).

Here is an example of the B1 tile at 25%. I've not trimmed the hexgrid "gutter" off for this example:
Click to Enlarge to 25% of full size
The basic set is 16 tiles. (A1-3, B1 through B13). That comes to about an 8 x 8' board of terrain or so. Since they are done in the same style as my overlays, I can still use overlays to enhance the basic tiles even more (such as railroads, hills and fields). Of course model trees, walls, and buildings are added after the basic terrain has been laid down.

Now I'm off to work on using these for a simple Civil War campaign. Stay tuned.....

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