Friday, July 1, 2011

Shiloh and setup

The Shiloh supplement has been posted to my yahoo group for download.
Here is the current DSROHG Shiloh setup (corrected over earlier image):
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It takes a bit more space than Bull Run, despite only having 4 battle-zones.

For this supplement, I've removed most of the Union batteries from the cards to counter form (leaving the heavy guns for support only) to allow the player to allocate them as he desires. It allows him to "bunch" guns for support or spread them out amongst his brigades.

There are 22 battle maps in 4 battle-zones. Zones A (left) and D (right) are 5 maps each, while Zones B and C are 6 maps each. The terrain cards are small parts (about 1/3) of the terrain maps for miniatures, of course.

It has its own action cards, but still needs the markers, rules and turn chart from the original set.

Not shown are all the Union cards not on the table (Lew Wallace, Buell's Army of Ohio and of course, the gunboats !).

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