Friday, June 10, 2011

Miniature maps for DSROHG Bull Run

Work progresses on my DSR OHG card game.

I've completed the 1st in a series of maps for the battle-zone cards for my DSR OHG Bull Run supplement.

The Terrain Map card for Centerville (A1)
 The card shows the center (setup area) for the owner of that piece of terrain, while the whole map is shown below:

The full map (click to enlarge)
I intend to eventually create these large maps in 3" hexes (its a sheet about 40" x 60" in size) in the same style as my geomorphic squares 

For Bull Run, I need 28 distinct maps to fight the battle. Now that I've got a system in place to make these maps (icons, style etc) I hope I can complete them all by the 150th Anniversary of the battle next month :D

I've posted the latest Rules and latest Bull Run Supplement to the Yahoo group.

I've got the OBs worked worked up for my Shiloh supplement as well.


Arthur said...

Looks like a lot to do in a little time!

The concept is intriguing me and I will follow up on your system as soon as my work load eases off a bit in about 2 weeks.

Best regards

dsrgamer said...

Thanks !

Luckily (I'm not sure that's the right word to use) I currently have the time on my hands.

I've completed 4 so far (not the finished ones but the line drawings like I posted). The detailed ones will take MUCH longer :D

Thankfully (again, not sure that's the right word here :D) it takes longer to nudge the maps into the hexgrid (orientation, terrain determination etc) than to draw the map itself. I've got a system now- so maybe I can get 1 a day if I'm lucky.

I've still got to publish my miniature guidelines for the system (they are a bunch of rambling notes ATM). In addition, the 15mm figures I use are not mine and the owner needs them back :(

Stay tuned !