Thursday, April 4, 2013

Back from Hiatus and Paper Rowhouse building...

I'm back from hiatus and getting into wargaming again.

Currently I'm working on France 1940 in 15mm.

I didn't have any good buildings for Northern European battlefields, so I figured I might as well design some :D

My first creation is a rowhouse section. It fits in the 3" hex I use and can be placed side by-side with others of its design to create longer blocks of houses.

Click to enlarge

I reduced it to a quarter of its size to fit into my blog.

I print this out on thin cardstock, crease the lines with a dull ex-acto blade and fold into shape (the bottom 1/2 folds onto the top half and I glue together before folding). I've yet to design the base for the model (although the simple roof and 2nd floor are done).

I've got a few variations of this one (interior/exterior walls etc). I'll post pics when I get a few made.


Chris Strasser said...

I like your house models! I was wondering the other day about using paper to model these sort of small-scale items.

It looks like it works just fine.

dsrgamer said...

Thanks ! Use a the low grade laser-jet printable cardboard for best results.

The key is to score the cardboard before folding with a DULL x-acto. Expect to make a few cuts too deep before getting the right amount of pressure.

Also, us a brown (or appropriate color) sharpie if the white from the cardboard shows through too much. This seems to happen on the chimneys and smaller items than the larger ones.