Friday, November 19, 2010

Geomorphic Hex Maps

I've been working on hex-shaped geomorphic hex maps for some of my games (from PB/PL/AIW to a larger hex size for my ancient and ww2 stuff).

Here is a sample of a wooded hill (it will fit on a 8.5" x 11" full sheet label so I can mount it on cardboard). It appears dark printed as is so I lighten up all but the grid 20% before printing. .

This is a 1.25" hex grid

The roads can be made to go at the halfway down the hex flat while streams will originate off the vertexes.

I'll post some more examples when do a few roads and streams......


Here's the same hex with a road added and the outline for the hilltop added in:
The overhanging road will be cut off after print

I'll see what I can do to add a stream to the hex....


Anonymous said...

I use Visio for almost all of my D&D stuff. I am very interested in your hex program. How hard was it to write? Did you ever think of using the line draw capabilities of Visio? Did you know that you can create a line pattern and use that to draw your roads? Just wondering. :-)

dsrgamer said...

I used a simple hex from the stencil for my base hex. I fragmented it to remove all the properties and added a hex center dot and text. I put it on stencil of my own and Voila ! It was done.

With the uniform size, all I had to do was figure out the math and the VBA code to place them where I wanted them to go :D

What kind of D&D stuff are you doing ? I'm still suprised more folks into gaming don't use Visio (although Powerpoint can be used as a poor man's CAD program :D)