Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A great painting service

I'd like to add a few comments on a painting service that is one of the BEST I've ever used. Now, some folks seem to think that you are some kind of wargame "wuss" if you don't paint your own figures. Shame on those elitists, because they are missing out on an excellent source for getting your figures painted ! And it sure beats the paint job I could do.

Fernando Enterprises (http://www.miniaturelovers.com/) is one of the best around in my honest opinion.

They are run out of Sri-Lanka, which seems a bit off-setting to many folks, but it really is easy. They send you all the directions you need to get your package to them (which makes it a piece of cake) , and they ensure that the returned figures are well-packed and safe.

They will paint to your specification (e.g. you know exactly what you want) or if you have no clue (e.g. I had some Pechenegs. What the heck does a Pecheneg look like anyway ?) you can refer them to a source (I use Osprey stuff- you can't go wrong). They keep in contact with email over the whole course of the order. I recieved pre-production and post- production pics for my approval. I'm sure that Anusha (the Coordinator) is sick to death of emailing me pics to approve of !

Why the subject of a painting service ? Well, today I recieved my latest order, and the figures are beauties !

Here are a few pics of the ones I chose to get into my game next (mostly Germans and some Alanic allies):

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