Friday, September 26, 2008

A Random Map Generator

I've recently received a few requests about my random map generator I created and some of its capabilities. Actually There are 2 map generators- one written in Visio VBA and another (more powerful but lacking the graphical templates at the moment) one written in VBNET.

I attempted to make them as versatile as I could. The map shapes can be scaled to a particular hex size (This one is 1.25" hexes) and any paper size (this is 36" x 24") as well as labeling the hexes and including a hex center dot if desired. As a bonus, after it is randomly generated, I can edit the various layers in Visio, adding labels and special touches to the maps.

These are example maps I generated using my VBA application. I used a different technique to create the VBNET mapgen templates, and I haven't updated them yet. In addition, the generation routines themselves I haven't ported over yet to the VBNet program.

With the VBA program, there are various parameters that can be input, such as woods density, rivers, streams, roads, houses, fields, walls, etc etc. I am only limited in the graphical templates I currently have made (These are early building icons- without the shading for example).

A random generator is a good way to lay out a basic map, which you can then edit and make better to fit whatever particular scenario you desire. It makes your life as a wargamer so much easier when you have to generate a battle for 900th time in that huge campaign game.


Anonymous said...

Looks good! I like it.

I´m currently looking for a hexagon map generator to use in conjunction with a VASSAL module (

A. Could I get a copy?
B. Could I get the source for a port to JAVA?



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