Thursday, June 7, 2007

Next Up: Stalingrad

Since I sometimes have the attention span of a 2-year old on a steady diet of Mountain Dew and Pixie Stix, I'm already starting another project. I will put my 1:1 skirmish game aside for the time being and concentrate on a platoon-size (roughly 1 AFV = 5 vehicles, 1 infantry unit about a platoon, scale is about 100 yards per hex) Stalingrad scenario.

Why Stalingrad ? Well, first I've always been fascinated by the battle itself (as in the Eastern Front in general). Second, I recently finished Island of Fire By Jason D. Mark (available from - a truly excellent book. And third, I've got a set of platoon size micro-armor rules I've used over the years which is heavily infantry-centric that allows me to maneuver infantry battalions around. All this seems to fit the bill for a Stalingrad- type scenario.

I need a Stalingrad-type map, so I'll stick to the ubiquitous 40" x 40" map and use 1.5" hexes, which gives me a scaled space of about 1.8 miles x 1.5 miles. I started a project a while ago to map Stalingrad on that scale, and I've completed one map (Spartakovka in the north of the city using symbols like the ones in the title) so I have some of the terrain already made up. But I can do better. So first up is to polish up my terrain I'll print out on the map.

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